Play LuckyPanda slots to break hard like a master.

The problem of the world of slots people is that they don’t know which slots are giving away today. Which slots are good? Which last time on the website has taught how to play the great Roma and 10 different games every day. Little capital has been paid heavily. Today, has brought a game that is considered the most brutal game (more than Roma for a low budget). The little panda game of the camp, PG168 , the lucky panda as its name suggests. How will the playing technique be today? Let’s unfold all the shells!!

First, let’s give away the hook table. Let’s look at the capital and try to hook along!!

There are 243 lines in the Lucky Panda game, and it’s easy to win points. As long as there are 2 or more identical symbols, up to 5 boxes, you can calculate the rate of that symbol. means we can have more 1 line per spin

Why Lucky Panda is known as the least expensive game? Because it’s a game with a payout rate of 750 and down to 400,300,200, let’s see what symbols get how many points.

  1. Panda. If there are 3-5 panda symbols, you will get 100,150,170 points respectively.
  2. Purple beast, if there are 3-5 purple beast symbols, will get 50,100,450 points respectively.
  3. Green frog. If there are 3-5 green frog symbols, they will get 20,50,200 points respectively.

4.A K If there are 3-5 A K symbols, they will get 5,10,30 points respectively.

5.Q J If there are 3-5 Q J symbols, they will get 5,10,25 points respectively.

6.10 9 If there are 10 9 symbols 3-5 of them will get 5,10,20 points respectively.

  1. Golden firecrackers If there are 3-5 golden firecrackers, they will get 10,25,138 points respectively.
  2. Yin Yang. If there are 3-5 yin and yang symbols, they will get 5,10,50 points respectively.

**Don’t forget a few tricks to play Lucky Panda, although it’s a game that’s a giveaway for low-budget people, but it takes patience. Even if not in the first investment round But have to invest again Of course, the giveaway is worth it because this game has the highest odds and has recently been a favorite of, not losing to the legendary Roma. Anyone who likes to be a little panda disciple can try to study the trick or want to share as well.

  1. Today, the web will introduce by starting with a capital of 100 and giving a hook at 3 baht and keep playing until it reaches 200 (which here may take a while. But don’t worry, it’s definitely worth the time.
  2. Play and wait for the bonus to enter, which this game will have different features than Roma in that it will continue to receive, but the bonus will get stuck together. Small investment, definitely a lot. When the bonus comes in, choose Green Frog because there are many green frogs.
  3. Normally, the system will enter the bonus 1 time at a time, but may be more depending on the game. And gradually add more hooks until it reaches 1000 and press Auto.
  4. And add more hooks, when it reaches 2000, we can add 60 hooks. Don’t reduce the hook at all!! otherwise it will not cross the point. will play like that

when doing so Tens of thousands for sure The way to play is simple, nothing. Just be patient, don’t lower the hook and wait for the right moment to press. Depending on the website that you play with, which website is giving away or not giving away, but the website gives away for sure, there is no lock, how much can you cheat and how much can have to offer? in the next article